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Standstruct Australia are recognized within the construction industry as leader in engineered timber, and prefabricated structures.

Having works on some of Australia’s most iconic mass timber projects, Standstruct understands the importance of early coordination, to provide successful project outcomes.

From early contractor involvement through to project delivery, Standstruct can support design and project teams, with a focus on assembly solutions and efficiency.

Our team of mass timber specialist are able to provide complete structural solutions, including procurement, engineering, assembly and project management.


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Standstruct operates as an EBA sub-contractor for builders, developers or asset owners.

Mass Timber Installation/Carpentry

Standstruct’s Core Specialty is MassTimber and engineered timber installation. Standstruct is at the vanguard of integrated carpentry construction.

As Victoria’s most experienced Mass timber installers, we have the skill and knowhow to efficiently and effectively tackle any Mass Timber project.

Engineered Solutions

With the inherent new engineering nature of Mass timber, Standstruct is constantly working with engineers to develop the best methodology and approach to new designs. This experience has put us in prime position to help delivery any project.


Standstruct has the ability to take on the design and supply of both Mass timber Material and Specialized Fixings and bracketry. Our Close ties with leading industry manufacturers and delivery Partners allow us to offer a complete Procurement facility.

Standstruct can supply material for resolved plans, help evolve existing designs ,or take your project from concept through engineering, to manufacture and installation.


Standstruct offers specialised construction rigging. With our in-house Dogman, riggers and Electrical Spotters, Standstruct is positioned at the forefront of Mass Timber Rigging and Installation.

Crane Services

Our Close relationship with our Crane and Rigging partners allows us to tailor an installation package that suits efficiency on every project.

Standstruct can manage all aspects of cranage from Crane studies through to Mobilization of cranes as small as 3t spiders up to 750t Mobile Cranes.

Temporary Works Engineering

Standstruct also offers temporary works engineering, allowing us to provide temporary works and structures while the final product is being completed. Temporary works are essential to the completion of larger construction projects.

Complete Structures

Standstruct has been involved in several complete structure builds. Our range of environmentally conscious products mean that we can create projects and builds that are entirely made from engineered timbers. Our integration of products including structural steel allow us to service you from foundation to finishes.

Logistics Support

Standstruct can assist in all aspects of logistics support, including but not limited to supply and management of transport contractors, Load and offload services, Dockside de-stuffing of containers. Delivery sequencing, Custom Transportation options including Permits and escorts.

Other Structural Elements

As part of the Structural nature of our work, Standstruct can also offer installation of structural steel and precast concrete. Standstruct is working towards a One stop option for all structural works onsite. Working with our industry partners, Standstruct is constantly  expanding our ability to take on larger contracts.

Design Management

Standstruct offers early contractor involvement (ECI). As part of this service, we leverage on our extensive experience to help guide project and design teams as well as engineers to the most efficient products and methodologies to ensure the best possible outcome both in Manufacturing and Installation onsite.


Our past clients have been vast and wide ranging, including Government agencies, Universities, Tier 1, 2 and 3 Builders, Domestic Construction Companies, Developers and Owner Builders.


Alistair Holmes

Alistair Holmes


Jason Aliotta

Jason Aliotta

Cheif Financial Officer

Chris Wood

Chris Wood

General Manager

Scott Whelan

Scott Whelan

Project Manager

Lauren Bannan

Lauren Bannan


Sam Hart

Sam Hart

Leading Hand

Tom Andrews

Tom Andrews


Isaac Sheilds

Isaac Sheilds

Apprentice Carpenter


For further information about how Standstruct can assist with your next project, please contact our General Manager, Chris Wood, on 03 9421 2036, 0402 315 013 or

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