Monash Uni Clayton

Name: Monash University Chancellery Building 

Client: KANE

Location: CLAYTON

Build time: 2 MONTHS

In something slightly out of the ordinary for us, Standstruct was contracted by Kane Constructions to install a beautiful and complicated timber balustrade across 2 atriums over 4 levels for Monash University newest Chancellor Building, with all sections requiring a delicate touch to ensure the exposed nature of the product.

The offsite manufactured balustrade sections posed a large challenge for our team of riggers and installers having to overcome offset lifting challenges, curves and angles, hidden fixings and intricate alignment parameters. One of the biggest hurdles being installing the top level of balustrade, with the tip of the crane being only 35mm from the completed feature ceiling.

Working closely with design engineers, Standstruct was able to overcome the unique challenges and exceeded all expectations, handing over the project well ahead of program with a unmatched quality.

Further establishing Standstruct’s position as one of the countries most experienced Mass Timber Installers