Iron Creek

Name: Iron Creek Farm stay



Build time: 6 MONTHS

The Iron Creek Farm Stay project is one of the largest clt projects to date in Australia but has remained relatively unknown to the greater Mass Timber Space.

The Project consisting of 19 buildings across a large property in the small town of sorrel, Tasmania about an hour from Hobart.

3 backpacker pavilions, 15 3- and 5-bedroom cottages and a larger restaurant were constructed, with clt as the main structural element.

Our crews, while living onsite, installed almost 25,000m2 of CLT over the course of 6 months, beginning with the backpacker pavilions and culminating in the large restaurant. With the restaurant on its own containing more than 27000 fixings and 400 panels (5933m2 of clt).

Standstruct, working closely with suppliers, were able to translate onsite experience with clear and concise communication to help evolve the manufacturing process as the project continued, making small but important changes to panels design to increase the efficiency on site and result in a better result for all stake holders.

This Project remains a key part of Standstruct’s identity as it has allowed us strong base of experience that we build on with every project.


  • Construction:
    • 24558m2 of Xlam Australia CLT
    • 63665 fixings
    • 19 buildings ranging from 3-bedroom cottages to a Large 2 storey Restaurant/Function centre.
  • Transportation/Craneage
    • 74 Truckloads were unloaded onsite by Standstruct.
    • Each truck traveling 1016km each way from Barnawartha, Vic to Sorell, Tas