Mount Gambier Aquatic Centre

Name: Mount Gambier Aquatic Centre

Client: BADGE


Build time: 3.5 WEEKS


Mount Gambier Aquatic Centre, situated in south Australia’s lime stone coast, is a mass timber structure over a new indoor swimming pool.

At 42m, MGAC incorporates the Largest Timber Beams ever installed in Australia.

These beams and associated columns and Kerto ceiling panels have been sourced from German Manufactures HESS and were delivered by sea to Melbourne’s MIRRAT terminal. 

Standstruct has been involved with these beams from the moment they arrived on Australian soil to ensure the safety and quality of the product, from loading the member on specialised transports to quality inspection dockside on behalf on the builder and manufacturer. 

Project construction has consisted on the installation of columns, Beams with connecting members and the installation of the unique Kerto panels.

Standstruct and our temporary engineers have risen to the challenge of lifting and installing The kerto panels, which reach up to 11.5m x 2.2m in size yet only being 50mm thick, safely and efficiently

This project has once again proven Standstruct ability to tackle any Mass Timber project in any location across Australia.


  • Construction:
    • 14 glulam columns
    • 15 Glulam beams, longest beam coming in at 42m 
    • 100 Kerto LVL panels installed with custom lifting plates
  • Transportation/Craneage
    • Beams travelled 25000kms by boat from Belgium to Melbourne 
    • The large beams travelled in convoy, 422kms from Melbourne to Mount Gambier
    • Utilising multiple Cranes to install, largest being 350t