High Street

Name: High Street Apartments

Client: SINJEN


Build time: 5 WEEKS

High street apartments are a large 5 storey multi residential Clt Project that pushes the limit of clt construction. Utilising cantilevered spandrel panels to create beautiful balcony spaces and large living spaces.

Standstruct once again was involved from early stage utilising our trusted Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) skillset, we were able to help the designers and builders develop the most efficient system to allow us to complete the structure in record time.

Starting from a concrete podium, Standstruct with the use of the onsite tower crane installed all 3740m2 of CLT and structural steel in an efficient 30-day program.

Standstruct’s ability to install integrated structural steel elements enables us to be not only be a one stop shop for all your mass timber needs but ensured the seamless construction process.

Also, this project, Standstruct was also able to assist the builder with post construction penetrations. 

Standstruct has the tooling and experience to complete any onsite penetrations required


  • Construction:
  • A crew of 6 worked 928 hours over 30 working
  • 330 panels or 3740m² of CLT. 
  • 32 steel beams
  • 28 LVL beams 
  • 24000+ screws.
  • 587 penetrations into CLT panels