GovHub Ballarat

Name: Ballarat GovHub


Location: BALLARAT

Build time: 8 MONTHS


Ballarat Gov Hub is a 5 storey Mixed use commercial building for Development Victoria and is the largest Mass timber structure in Victoria and one of the largest in Australia to date. Build with both locally and overseas imported Masstimber elements

Standstruct was engaged not only to install the structure but to manage all aspects of the logistics. This included receiving, unloading, and storage/sequencing of all structural members that were shipped from Italy to Australia via 83 40ft open top containers.

Each container was inspected, documented on procore, and expertly unloaded by our crews and cranage partners then sorted into our storage facility to ensure quick and efficient delivery to site.

The Build itself tested Standstruct to its limits. With a crew of upwards of 30 workers including carpenters, labourers, dogman, and riggers the crew put in early starts and long hours to get the job done.

At times Standstruct were installing with x3 100t cranes with 3 semi’s and 2 Franna’s loading structural elements from the storage yards to site to feed the increasingly efficient install process.

This proved Standstruct not only as a leader in mass timber but also proved that key to a high-speed install in a great understanding of the product at hand and an efficient management approach to logistics and optimised crane usage.

The lessons learned on Victoria’s largest mass timber build have put Standstruct in pole position as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable installers in the state and country.


  • Construction:
  • There is 1346 timber elements in this structure including
  • 178 columns raging in height from 3.2m to 9.5m
  • 480 Beams some weighing upwards of 3t
  • 501 floor panels
  • There were approx. 2300 crane lifts with different cranes 
  • Approx. 375,000 screws, nails and dowels were installed by our crews in 
  • Transportation
    • 83 40ft containers unloaded, cleaned, repacked.
    • Just under 450 truck movements from yard to site.
    • Each of 83 containers travelling 55 days from Italy to Melbourne – travelling approx. 23000kms each.
  • Overall:
    • Roughly 13500m2 of clt equivalent to 76% of the surface of the MCG
    • The Widest point of the timber structure 25m and 135m long
    • The Highest point of the timber structure is just under 21m