Fitzroy Sports Centre

Name: Fitzroy Sports Centre

Client: Built Environs 

Location: Fitzroy, Victoria

Build time: 2 Months

Fitzroy Sports Centre in an addition to the existing school on the old Fitzroy Gas works Site for Development Victoria.

Standstruct has been engaged to install Large Glulam Beams to the entryway undercroft, and install the plywood soffit between.

This project provided a challenge for both engineers and Standstruct due to the nature of installing the 3t 12m Masslam beams to the underside of the level 2 Concrete floor above.

This resulted in Standstruct engaging specialist Riggers to assist in installing the bulk of the beams. Standstruct also Designed, Engineers and commissioned the construction of custom lifting cradles to allow the beams to be hoisted tight to the soffit above, Almost 11m in the air.



  • Construction:
    • 30 Masslam Beams
    • 190 Marine Ply sheets installed
    • 5845Lm of Framing Material 
  • Transportation/Craneage
    • QTY. 4 2t chain hoists, 2 Custom Lifting Cradles 
    • 20t Franna Crane.