National Capitol Offices

Name: National Capitol Offices 

Client: Vaughans Constructions 

Location: Altona

Build time: 7 months

The National Capitol Project for Vaughans Constructions consists of 7 CLT and Glulam Offices.

These offices were installed under the roof line of the previously constructed warehouse facility.

This limited the available space for crane reticulation above, putting a challenging spin on what would be quite a traditional build for Standstruct. 

Each Office consists of Exposed CLT walls and ceiling, Glulam Beams and posts.


  • Construction:
    • 33254 Screws and connections
    • 3476m2 of CLT Panelling
    • 1424Lm of Glulam
    • 416 Individual CLT Panels
  • Transportation/Craneage
    • 16 Semi loads of Timber
    • 20t Franna and 16t City Crane