Name: Decjuba 

Client: Figurehead Constructions

Location: Cremorne 

Build time: 3 months

Stanstruct was engaged by Figurehead Constructions to install this 4 level CLT and Masslam structure.

In a unique design for timber, each level consisted of a CLT floor plate, with a concrete slab installed on top, Very similar to our Northumberland project for Grocon a few years back. This resulted in a visually stunning mix of the exposed blonde soffit of the CLT and a polish concrete floor. 

Standstruct worked flawlessly with the incumbent Structural concrete Contractor to enable efficient floor completion time frames. Each CLT functioned as a permanent formwork as such, with each  floor plate installed on a traditional concrete formwork table, then once secondary steel reinforced concrete had been installed, the formwork tables were removed and the CLT remained.

Standstruct also took on the install of all acoustic insulation and taping required in the CLT/Concrete connection. 



  • Construction:
    • 175 CLT panels
    • 2142.9 m2 of CLT
    • 14847 Screws
    • 47 Masslam Columns and Beams
  • Transportation/Craneage
    • 11 Small truck deliveries to allow for tight site access
    • onsite Tower crane