Monash Uni Caufield

Name: Monash University School of Business

Client: KANE

Location: CAUFIELD

Build time: 1 MONTH

This project for Kane Constructions at Monash University business school in Caulfield was one of the early projects for Standstruct.

The project consisted over 200 clt panels installed as a vertical extension on top of a existing building, Something the CLT is fast becoming the preferred method for. With its high strengths and comparably low weight and speed of install, it was the natural choice for this project.

Possibly the greatest feature of this project was the visual stunning exposed Staircase.

Expertly installed by Standstruct, is has become a focal point for the entire vertical extension 


  • Construction:
    • 1661m2 of Xlam CLT
    • 203 Clt and Glulam Elements